It's a Great Time to Buy!

The 2015 real estate market has started off very well for people so far. Buyers right now are especially having a good time in this current market. While I wouldn't call this a "buyer's market" there are certainly some advantages that should encourage the fence sitters to take the jump and start looking to buy a new home.


1. Interest Rates

This is one of the biggest reasons people are looking to buy now instead of later. Rates right now are at a historic 3.5%, it does not get much better than that. This translates into a lower house payment for you, putting more money in your pocket. We can only expect these rates to go up, so don't plan on waiting it out for the rates to drop because now is the best time to take this opportunity.


2. Inventory

A lot of new listings are coming on the market everyday. This means that as a buyer you have more of a selection to choose from. This also means that sellers will compete harder for your business, which can bring down prices and ensure that you the buyer are getting the best bang for your buck. However, something to be aware of, houses are selling and fast so just because there's inventory, doesn't mean a buyer can sit back and let the options come to them. Buyers need to be active and ready to make a move or the house they want could get picked up before they get the opportunity.


3. You Have Experts On Your Side

The reason you as a buyer can and should buy now is because you have The Petras Team ready to serve you at a moment's notice. If you're thinking about buying, you can rest easy knowing that over 20 years of experience is here to help you. We will make sure to find you the right home for the right price.


So if you're thinking about taking the step to buy during this great moment in real estate, remember these reasons and be sure to give us a call.